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A few weeks ago, our Pokhara Sexy Girl called us in to meet up for an impromptu “call girl” session. She and her girlfriend were coming down from their honeymoon, and they were in the office of a famous man who offered a very specific service: “Call girls”, and “massage”.

The woman had called a few weeks earlier about some “call girls” in Pokhara, but had been turned down. So she had asked if we could arrange an appointment with a male masseuse. After we mentioned our skills as masseuses, she said, “A call girl is a lot better than being a masseuse, because you can do it from the comfort of your home and you’re so discreet that no one will know about it.”

We immediately thought that this was the wrong approach to take and decided to give her a call on the weekend to see what she had to say. We arranged to meet her at the gymnasium, where we set up a massage table in a corner of the room. Her friend was also there, as well as another girl. It was quite amusing to see how excited they all were! The masseuse was there, too – she had a beautiful Asian female body and wore a stunning white apron.

One of the girls told me later that she was in the mood for a “little Thai work”. She put her legs up and asked me to gently rub her soles. I did, but then she suddenly started to scream – in pain!

A little more chatting with the masseuse led her and the girls to the bedroom, where they started kissing and playing with each other. The masseuse then took off her apron and revealed her white thong under her clothes. She quickly removed her thong and let the girls touch her private parts, and started licking their feet. When I asked her why she had done that, she explained that the masseuse’s job included a lot of walking, and that it had given her a nice warm sensation. I could hardly believe it!

The masseuse told me that she used the Thai word for “sex” and asked me if I was familiar with it. My first reaction was to be very embarrassed, but as I looked at the masseuse, I noticed that she seemed to enjoy it. Her friend then asked her if we could have a little “massage” together, and the masseuse obliged. I quickly began massaging her arms and legs, feeling her tense up and then relax, as she cried out in pleasure.

The masseuse explained that massage meant different things in different countries, but she explained that she had a lot of experience. We played a game that she described as “pin the tail on the donkey”. I guess you could say that I was the donkey and she the rider. I asked her if I could massage her buttocks.

The massage ended after a bit, but the girls were still having a great time and the masseuse gave the girls a gift and told them that we would see her next time, and that she wished them “good luck”. It was a pleasant experience and we had a good laugh over the phone afterwards.

Later that day, I had a similar encounter with another call girls in Pokhara. After explaining my story about the masseuse from her call, she offered me a massage on my back, which made me feel a bit uncomfortable as the masseuse undressed me completely, but I appreciated the gesture.

It wasn’t long before I got another call from the girls. This time it was a male call girl, who wanted to give me a back rub. I said no and told her that I didn’t like it, but she just laughed and asked me if I would try it.

I found myself sitting on the couch, dressed in my robe, and waiting for the call girls to arrive. When she came, I told her that I felt comfortable with the idea and that I didn’t mind the idea of the masseuse giving me a back rub, since she was a good masseuse.